Meet Your Farmers!

Greenmouth Juice Bar + Café is proud to support
our local farmers.


In fact, owner Sarah started connecting with many of them before she and her daughter even moved to PA. I needed to ensure we had farmers able and willing to partner with us who also shared our vision. We knew that we wanted to open a café, but we needed to be part of the food revolution of buying organic + local. After our first visit to the Easton Farmers Market the summer 2013 and then several visits to surrounding farms thereafter, we knew Easton was the perfect place to call home both for our family and our business. As complicated as buying from many different purveyors/farmers is, we are determined to be a café that brings the freshest + best local food to our customers as often as we can.


Chandeluna Farm

believes in the value of a high quality, fresh and pleasurable lifestyle. Chandeluna farm offers safe, organically managed herbs, glorious edible flowers and fresh tea plants, ‘I wish to share the joy of pure, fresh living,’ says Megan. ‘We all deserve the richness and beauty that nature has to offer.’ Chandeluna maintains their plants using organic methods. The farm is also home to an Icelandic sheep flock and angora bunny rabbit whose wools are dyed with dye plants from the farm and around the world.’We are proud to offer happy, locally grown herbs that are in synch with the season.’ 

257 Borger Road 
Kunkletown, PA 18058 


Salvaterra’s Gardens

is a family-owned operation located in Alburtis, PA. Their “garden” originated as a simple backyard kitchen garden that fed the family fresh vegetables in the summertime and allowed them to put away canned and frozen items for those long winter months. In August 2009, Matt & Jess Salvaterra moved into a 7.5 acre farm located in Alburtis, PA. They enjoy growing heirloom vegetable varieties and saving the seed from these plants to continue a tradition that is many centuries old. They believe that everyone has the right to access and purchase fresh, healthy and natural food. “It’s important to us to utilize natural and sustainable practices and products both in our home and on our farm. Although we are not certified organic, we grow all of our products naturally and we believe that if we wouldn’t eat it or serve it to our families, we shouldn’t sell it either.” In January 2013 the Salvaterra’s welcomed new baby, Serafina to the farm! 

Alburtis, PA 
(610) 682-0542

Josie Porter Farm envisioned by farm manager Heidi Secord and her husband Gary Bloss, focuses on the legacy of Porter, who made biodynamic agriculture preparations in this country for almost three decades at this farm. Biodynamic growers recognize the soil itself to be alive and that human health and vitality depend upon the health and vitality of the soil. The concept goes beyond the term "organic."  The mission of the farm is to connect people to the earth through agriculture, education and community. The farm also has a farm store open offering healthy, whole foods from local and regional sources, a local food hub that offers honey, maple syrup, meat, cheese, eggs, salmon, and more.  The farm stand is open every Friday 3-7 pm & Saturday 9 am-2 pm, year round. 


Josie Porter Farm

6514 Cherry Valley Rd.
Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360

Other Purveyors

Taza Chocolates

Located in Somerville, MA, although our chocolate purveyor is not as local as we'd prefer, the stone ground Mexican chocolate is hands down the best we've tasted around the world! The flavor and texture is unique, come check it out!  We use the chocolate to bake cookies, for our hot chocolate and we sell the bars as well. We also love the company because Taza Is committed to maintaining direct relationships with their cacao farmers and compensating them fairly for the high quality cacao they produce. They're also committed to partnering only with cacao farmers who respect the rights of workers and the environment.  Read more about Taza Chocolates Five Direct Trade Principles and Third Party Certification at