Juice Cleanse


One, Two and Three Day Cleanses

Ready to jumpstart your health? Whether you want to kick your cravings or just simply have a fresh start after too many weeks (or months!) of indulgence, perhaps a juice cleanse is for you!  At Greenmouth, we customize your cleanse and offer you guidance and coaching every step of the way.  It starts with a phone consultation to understand what your goals and desires are, with the opportunity to design a cleanse that will suit your needs and keep you on track! We also offer recommendations on what do to before and after your cleanse so that you achieve optimum results!

Ready to get started?  Laura Koza co-manages our Allentown café and holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has extensive experience in diet planning and kicking unwanted eating habits, and is available for juice cleanse consulting at lauraakoza@gmail.com, or you can call and ask for her at our Allentown number, 610-810-8302.

You can also give either of our locations a call to schedule your cleanse, if you know you're ready to jump right in! Pamphlets with information on our cleanse are available at both cafés, or click to view online here.

Cleanses are available for pick-up on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only and must be ordered a minimum of 48 hours before the desired pick-up day. We require a deposit of one day ($60) in order to book a cleanse of any length. We charge an additional $20 bottle deposit that will be refunded to you when you return your cleanse jars cleaned and without the lids. This refund is to be made only in the same method as the original payment; please be sure to bring the credit card you paid with when you return your jars! 

Cleanses longer than three days will require
two separate pick-ups

Cleanses may be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hours before the pick-up date. Cleanses cancelled less than 24 hours before the pick-up date may forfeit their $60 deposit.



Laura: "So I'm feeling great and super lite!  I knew I was going to shed a few pounds but wasn't expecting to shed  7 pounds!  Thank you so much for everything and I'll definitely do the cleanse again.  See you soon after my vacation.  I'll definitely need my smoothie and juice fix when I get back!"

Candice: "I'm beyond happy with my decision to do this and will recommend this to others when they ask why I have a crazy amount of jars in the fridge at work!"

Sara: "I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful (first time) juice cleanse!  I feel fantastic—full of energy, refreshed, and balanced.  The juices tasted great.  I enjoyed the variety of tastes and flavors throughout the day.  I loved the morning tonic as a “wake up.”  I’m hooked on almond milk!  I had support from my family and friends and they saw how easy and beneficial the three days were.  Many of them even asked for your information (which of course I send them)!  I can’t wait to stop into the cafe for another juice.  I’m already craving them since it’s been two days!"

Liz: "I absolutely loved my juice cleanse. I was a little nervous since this was my first cleanse, but talking with Sarah beforehand completely put me at ease. The juices were delicious and I felt wonderful. I was very energetic and surprisingly never hungry. I loved getting juice that was organic, local, and made fresh. I can't wait to do my next juice cleanse."

Kevin: "Sarah and Greenmouth custom-made my 5 day juice cleanse to accommodate my body type and lifestyle. This was my first juice cleanse so I didn't know what to expect but it was AWESOME. I was tired and sore after a long summer of personal fitness training and teaching Stand Up Paddle on the lake. After my 5 day juice cleanse I felt new, fresh and clean. Sarah was there to coach me through it every step of the way and available when I needed advice or information. I would recommend a juice cleanse to anyone who is looking to improve themselves on every level.  Not only did my body feel renewed and rejuvenated, my mind was clear.  I am looking forward to doing my next 5 day juice cleanse with Sarah and Greenmouth. "